Purple Clouds Vocal Library V2

Purple Clouds Vocal Library V2

Purple Clouds is back! After the massive success of volume 1 we simply had to get back in the lab with Jasmina and create more of those soulful vocal runs. With the Purple Clouds Vocal Library Vol.2 you get 251 brand-new vocal runs + harmonized runs, one shots, signature runs using the original DopeBoyzMuzic Purple Clouds vocal mixing chain and some additional special edits. All vocals were recorded from scratch, in a professional studio, using only top-notch equipment (RODE NT2-A, RME Fireface UC, SPL Frontliner). 100% never heard before material! All files come in 24bit / stereo / wav formatting, compatible with every DAW or drum machine.


Watch Kit Demo Below!


  • 251 Vocal Runs
  • 50 Harmonized Runs
  • 50 One Shots
  • 35 Signature & Special edited Runs


Keys used: g minor, C major, c minor, db minor, eb minor, gb minor, bb minor BPM's used: 90, 68, 74, 89, 96,

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